Hospital Historical Records

The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children has opened its historical records for public viewing. The records cover the Victorian and Edwardian admission records from 1852 through to the end of 1914.

The hospital is based in London, England, and provides a fascinating new resource for family history research. The archives can be accessed at http://www.smallandspecial.org/.

Searching for ‘Double’ provides a number of hits:

AdmittedSexAgeFirstnameSurnameDiseasesRegistration district
02 Oct 1856F2ElizaDoubleMeasles & sequelaPancras
25 Jan 1881F2SusanDoubleJaundiceLambeth
17 Apr 1891M5GeorgeDoublesonGenu valgumOutside London
25 Jan 1893F3EdithDoubledayOtitisHolborn
05 Mar 1895F7EllenDoubleOsteoarthritisOutside London
27 Dec 1895F8EllenDoubleOsteoarthritis; Scarlet fever & sequelaOutside London
25 Apr 1897F9EllenDoubleOsteoarthritisOutside London
29 Dec 1898F4EmilyDoubleDiphtheria & sequelaPancras
20 Sep 1899F11EllenDoubleOsteoarthritisOutside London

These records can be drilled down further and in some cases provide case notes and other information. Addresses are also provided which can be useful for tracking down where relatives lived.



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