Surprises on the Internet

It’s funny where you can run across information about your family. Some of my anscestors are from Pitcairn Island and I have a lot of interest for Pitcairn related information. I run a Pitcarn News website for example.

On a Pitcairn related mailing list I saw a post about a document containing stamps and an old Pitcairn postcard.

One of the items in the document was a ‘parcel clipping’ from 1943 and it was addressed to my Grandparents! A screenshot of it is here

I emailed the author, Mark Butterline, of the document giving them some background on the sender and recipients. The sender was my great grandfather and postmaster of Pitcairn Island, Roy Clark.

Apparently the parcel clipping was part of a Pitcairn Exhibit by Mark at a major stamp show in Toronto last month. According to Mark the judge was particularly impressed with the parcel clipping and the exhibit won a national gold.

The exhibit is also being shown at the 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition in Washington which is on at the moment.



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