The Double Surname

One of the surnames I’m most interested in researching in my Family Tree is ‘Double’. In a previous post I mentioned that my line of the Double’s came to New Zealand in 1873 on the Rooparell.

Looking through the New Zealand Births index I saw a number of Double’s that were born prior to this date. Mostly in the Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill areas - basically the South Island of New Zealand. I was curious about the origin of these Double’s and came across Richard and Judith Green’s web page. They have a large section on the Double surname as well as a portion specific to Double’s in New Zealand.

While there appears to be no relation to my line of Double’s, they are definitely the ones that arrived in Timaru. As is mentioned on that page, they came on the Strathallan, arriving in 1859.

The first birth’s of Double’s I found in the NZ Birth index were:

  • Janet Double, born 1859, Otago, Dunedin
  • Amelia Double, born 1861, Dunedin
  • Eliza Double, born 1861, Timaru
  • Alfred Martin Double, born 1862, Timaru
  • Susanna Double, born 1862, Dunedin

I’ve hyperlinked Eliza and Alfred’s entry to the relevant part of the Green’s family tree. I see no mention of the Double’s born in Dunedin though. I wonder if Janet and Amelia is part of the Timaru branch, or another group of Double’s?



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