New Zealand Historical Data

I did some exploring on the net today to see what New Zealand specific genealogy resources are available online and came across a couple of interesting ones.

The New Zealand Historical Data site has information on Fires, Earthquakes, Missing Persons and other information, It makes fascinating reading.

The list of earthquakes dates from c1460 through to 1854. For example, the report of an earthquake c1460 which created Miramar Peninsula, where I used to live:

Date       Place       Magnitude Reference
Circa 1460 Wellington  7.5+      (6)
Known in Maori tradition as "Haowhenua" which indicated that uplift
rather than subsidence occurred. "The channel between Motu
Kairangi and the mainland became shallow enough to wade and
eventually silted up to convert that island into the present Mirimar

The weather section provides insight to what the weather was like for most months from 1868 through to 1900. From September 1880:

Remarkably fine and pleasant weather for time of year. In every
case the temperature is above the average; the rainfall on the
whole is much less than is usual for this month. Winds generally

Genealogy Index has a database of births, deaths, marriages, in memoriums, anniversaries, school and shipping information for the Wellington region gained from Wellington newspapers published daily since 1999.



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