Why Research Family History?

Why get interested in researching your family history? For me it was because I knew nothing about where my family came from. I’d heard various things about being related to various historical people and it got me curious about finding out what was true and what was myth.

One christmas I couldn’t afford to buy presents for my family so instead I decided to do some research and put together a simple family tree for my parents, sister and nieces, to give them an idea of where we all came from.

My plan was to start really small and just do up to my grandparents. Little did I know how addictive doing this research was! I kept finding snippets of information about my anscestors on the internet and researching in the public library. Each piece of information drove me to find out more.

In the end I wrote a 30 page document detailing some branches of the family with all sorts of interesting facts and information. The receivers of my gift were (hopefully) fascinated by what I’d dug up. Probably boring to anyone outside the family but to us it was very exciting.

There is still much I have to learn and find out. The reason for this blog is to provide information and links to some of the internet based information to do with family research, with a bias towards New Zealand based research and history. And hopefully to receive feedback and tips on how to go about things. Worst case it gives google something to find if anyone searches for names I’m stuck researching :-)



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